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Vuk Rsumovic's 'No One's Child' in Venice film festival

'nicijedeteNo One's Child' ('Nicije dete'), the debut film by Serbian screenwriter and director Vuk Rsumovic, will be screened at the film festival in Venice, taking place from August 27 to September 6.

Along with six other debut films from around the world, 'No One's Child' is included in the line-up of the 29th International Critics' Week, the competitive section of the festival established by the National Italian Film Critics Union.

Serbia did not have a representative in this program for nearly 30 years, since the first edition of the International Critics' Week in 1984.

'No One's Child' is based on the true story of a feral boy who was found living among wolves in the mountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina in mid 1980's and sent to Belgrade in an attempt to socialize him. Despite grim prognosis, the boy shows dramatic progress.




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