film I AM FRANK (Jaz sem Frenk)
  • Original title: Jaz sem Frenk
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: drama, thriller
  • Country: Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia
  • Language: Slovenian
  • Length: 95
  • Directed by: Metod Pevec
The unexpected large inheritance from their dead father causes a dispute between Frank, the rebel who still swears by the solidarity and “old values”, and his brother Rajko, a typical post-transition tycoon. While Frank investigates the origin of the money that their late father had appropriated with various suspicious dealings as one or the visible protagonists of the Slovenian independence, Rajko wants to lay claim on it with the help of lawyers and the network of his father’s “cronies”, who do not shy away even from mafia methods. Rajko’s wife, who has in fact been in love with Frank all along, once again finds herself in the middle of the fraternal dispute.
  • Screenplay: Metod Pevec, Ivo Trajkov
  • Director of photography: Marko Brdar
  • Art director: Marco Juratovec
  • Costume designer: Katja Hrobat
  • Make-up artist: Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska
  • Cast: Janez Škof, Valter Dragan, Katarina Čas, Mojca Partljič, Anja Novak, Silva Čušin, Mojca Ribič, Uroš Smolej
  • Production company: Vertigo
  • Producers: Danijel Hočevar
  • Co-production: RTV Slovenia, Backroom Production (Serbia), Small Moves Films (R. Macedonia)
  • Co-producers: Igor Kecman, Jelena Mitrović, Svetozar Ristevski, Kornelija Ristovska