film HYENA CASE (Slučaj Hijena)

  • Original title: Slučaj Hijena
  • Status: pre-production
  • Type: feature film
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: Serbia
  • Language: Serbian
  • Length: 90min, 25-30min (episodes)
  • Format: HD, color
  • Directed by: Marko Živić
"Case Hyena" illustrates the world and the heroes that were created by the transition. In order to live big dreams, any are prepared to fulfil them by stepping on everything and everyone. Two friends, covet a comfortable life but are unwilling to earn like normal, employed people; they are socially incompetent and not ripe enough to manage the adventure upon which they embark. To them, money is more important that love, deceit is fine as long as it brings benefits whilst honesty is undesirable as it disrupts the harmony of living in a lie. An older woman, a cruel mother-in-law who is ready for an adventure brings a man into her life, her brother-in-law's friend, without asking why he, so perfect appears out of the blue, and takes interest for her. Without doubting her choice, the leading role gives everything she has, without taking into account the resistance from her daughter, who is more aware of the fact that her mother is becoming vulnerable to being tricked for money. The father-in-law who was being oppressed for years, soon joins the dirty game with great enthusiasm. Due to their big debt, and the constant pressure from loan-sharks, the family falls apart, but destiny does not allow the naive to fall to their gullibility, yet the circumstances allow them to get out of the self-inflicted trouble.
  • Screenplay: Aleksandar Jugović
  • Production design: Ivan Denić
  • Cast: Ljubinka Klarić, Tamara Dragičević, Petar Benčina, Marko Živić, Sergej Trifunović
  • Production company: Triangl Production, Soul Food Films
  • Producers: Vuk Đoković