• Original title: Igla ispod praga
  • Type: feature film
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: comedy, drama
  • Country: Montenegro, Serbia
  • Language: Montenegrin
  • Length: 93 min
  • Directed by: Ivan Marinović
Father Peter is afraid that universe is indifferent. God no longer intervenes. His wife has abandoned him. His son only rebels against him. And his mother seldom recognizes him thanks to Alzheimer's. All Peter wants is a moment of peace but he becomes an obstacle to a large property sale in his seaside parish. And the group of colorful, but also vengeful villagers decides to chase him away. No peace here for Father Peter. They stir up the rest of the superstitious village making them believe that Peter is the cause of all troubles on the peninsula. Their war escalates on a funeral of a supposed witch that they turn into surreal mayhem.
  • Screenplay: Ivan Marinović
  • Director of photography: Đorđe Arambašić
  • Production design: Irena Marjanov
  • Music by: Toni Kitanovski
  • Costume designer: Magdalena Klašnja
  • Sound designer: Ognjen Popić, Zoran Maksimović
  • Cast: Nikola Ristanovski, Leon Lučev, Bogdan Diklić, Jelisaveta Seka Sablić, Ljubomir Bandović
  • Production company: Adriatic Western (Montenegro), EED productions (Serbia)
  • Producers: Ivan Marinović
  • Co-producers: Vladimir Vasiljević
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)
film THE BLACK PIN (Igla ispod praga)

7 awards


27 Festivals


  • CinEast Film Festival Luxembourg Luxembourg - 2016
  • Serbian Film Festival Australia - 2016
  • Cinedays Film Festival Skopje Macedonia - 2016 competition
  • Bosphorus International Film Festival Istambul Turkey - 2016 competition
  • Tromso International Film Festival Tromso Norway - 2017 Horizons
  • Trieste Film Festival Trieste Italy - 2017 Genre Surprises
  • 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival Bengaluru,Mysuru India - 2017 international section
  • Santa Barbara Film Festival Santa Barbara USA - 2017 international competition
  • BaNe Film Festival Stokholm Sweden - 2017 competition
  • Balkan Florence express Florence Italy - 2017
  • Sofia Film Festival Sofia Bulgaria - 2017 Balkan competition
  • Sarajevo IFF Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2016 Competition
  • goEast Film Festival Wiesbaden Germany - 2017 Highlights
  • SEE Film Festival Los Angeles USA - 2017
  • LET'S CEE FILM FESTIVAL Vienna Austria - 2017 Promising Debuts
  • FEBIO FEST Praha Czech Republic - 2017
  • VILNIUS FILM FESTIVAL Vilnius Lithuania - 2017 New Europe New Names competition
  • 35th Uruguay IFF Montevideo Uruguay - 2017 competition
  • TRANSILVANIA IFF Cluj Romania - 2017 Somes Open Air
  • Valetta FF Valetta Malta - 2017
  • Podgorica International Film Festival Podgorica Montenegro - 2016
  • Bašta Fest Bajina Bašta Serbia - 2017
  • Mojkovacka Filmska Jesen Mojkovac Montenegro - 2016
  • Valjevski Filmski Susreti Valjevo Serbia - 2016
  • Sofest Sopot Serbia - 2017
  • Ravno Selo Film Festival Ravno Selo Serbia - 2017
  • Šumadijski Internacionalni Filmski Festival Kragujevac Serbia - 2016