• Original title: GLI ANNI BELLI
  • Type: Feature
  • Year: 2022
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: Italy, Portugal, Serbia
  • Language: Italian
  • Length: 100
  • Format: Color, HD
  • Directed by: Lorenzo dAmico De Carvalho
Italy, summer 1994. A new government has just taken offce and Elena, 16 years old Nirvana fan and wannabe “pasionaria”, cant wait to take it down. Unfortunately, her parents seems to have different plans for her. As every summer, Eugenio (a grumpy, old fashioned communist, Greek teacher) and Adele (his gentle although ironical wife) force Elena to hit the road towards the same sunny family campsite. But a surprise is waiting for them: there is a new manager in town who decided to change everything, starting with the campsite very name. The all country is on the threshold of the shiny, glittery, fun-driven Berlusconis era, and the Bella Italia wants to be all of that wrapped into the perfect vacation package. The unexpected new order that is ruling the campsite, combined with the appearance of a group of youngsters that look just so cool, gives Elena a chance to turn her vacation upside-down. If her parents wont let her stay in Rome preparing the Revolution, she will bring the revolution down to this miniature Italy. On the background of a country that does not realize how deep it is changing, Elena will live the most exciting summer ever, filled with fights, kisses, tears, love, laughter, secrets, bonfires, betrayals, surprises... and a waterspout! If it is true that life can be summed up in 10 unforgettable summers, for Elena this will be definitely one of them. The summer of the best years of her life.
  • Screenplay: Anne-Riitta Ciccone, Lorenzo dAmico De Carvalho
  • Cinematography: Osama Abouelkhair
  • Music by: Nuno Malo
  • Edited by: Lorenzo dAmico De Carvalho, Mauro Rossi
  • Art director: Maria Rita Cassarino
  • Costume designer: Andrea Sorrentino
  • Sound designer: Guido Spizzico
  • Cast: Romana Maggiora Vergano, Ninni Bruschetta, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Ana Padrao
  • Production company: Bendico
  • Producers: Silvia dAmico Bendico
  • Co-production: Rai Cinema, Art & Popcorn, Hora Magica, RTP- Radio & Television Portugal
  • Co-producers: Osvaldo Menengaz, Isabel Chavez, Miroslav Mogorovic, Lorenzo dAmico De Carvalho